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Making Relocating Executives at Home in the World

Lifestyle Specialists for Relocating Executives and their Families

Whether inbound or outbound, Intrepid Relocation International and The Intrepid New Yorker, powered by a proven strategic model, provide the highest level of service insuring swift and smooth transitions by acting as:

Trusted Advocate

Intrepid Relocation International takes the utmost care in recreating the lives of global executives and their families - on time, on budget and without stress.

Professional Advance Team

Intrepid Relocation International analyzes, researches, and prioritizes every issue via our customized needs assessment to make precise community matches and create highly strategic itineraries with contingency plans.

Nurturing Navigator

Intrepid Relocation International helps the transferees move smoothly through daunting community options, cultural differences, academic challenges, financial concerns, unrealistic lifestyle expectations and the lack of U.S. credit history.

Pillar of Support

Intrepid Relocation International coaches, troubleshoots and opens doors until the comfortable integration of every family member is assured, and we remain available throughout the first year.

Advocating, navigating and facilitating - with unparalleled care and expertise is how the award winning Intrepid Relocation extends "the ideal neighborhood" concept - making relocating executives at home in:

New York
New Jersey
Washington DC


and throughout the world!

Interpid Relocation International
The Intrepid New Yorker

Intrepid Relocation International
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The Intrepid New Yorker
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